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Much of the work undertaken by us utilises a wood-mizer, a portable sawmill, which is used primarily with hardwoods predominantly sourced from local woodlands, which is then air dried for future projects. Where possible fallen trees are used for these projects thereby enabling the wood to be recycled in a positive way rather than being merely cut for logs or burnt. Most of the trees acquired are English oak but we are able to work with most hardwoods including ash, beech, sycamore, sweet chestnut, cherry, apple and yew to name just a few. Many different products are produced from the trees comprising planks, beams, posts, flooring, interior/exterior furniture etc.

Each piece of work is an individual item, when sawing the trees the real beauty of the wood is revealed, this is reward enough, but to then produce an item for a customer adds that edge which separates a one off item from one which is mass produced. The result is a product which someone can enjoy for years to come knowing that it been a handcrafted with care and skill. In the near future we are looking at utilising a wood kiln to reduce the moisture content of the air dried timber to make it more stable for use in the home and to expand the range of products which can be produced.

We are also able to offer the wood-mizer for hire, for enquiries please contact Dave via the contact page.