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The Conservatory was made of solid oak, with double glazed windows, over a period of two months. Whilst these photographs were taken while the oak was still young and fresh the customer chose to allow the external oak to "weather" producing a more natural look and feel. The photographs on the home page shows the timbers after undergoing this aging process. Treatments are available to prevent this should you prefer.


The Garage measured some 12 x 5.4 metres and comprised a 4 bay oak frame with Douglas fir stud walls and feather edged larch cladding; all the nails used were made of stainless steel. The customer added his own twist to the design by incorporating an outside toilet to the right of the log store. A particular challenge of this project was due to the site being located above an underground spring which necessitated special piled foundations being drilled down to 6 metres in depth below every oak post.